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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What is ACID properties and How SQL Server Comply to the same

What is ACID properties and How SQL Server Comply to the same


ACID Propertied is Acronym for
A- Atomicity- Either all the operations/transactions are performed or None.Each transaction is said to be atomic if when one part of the transaction fails, the entire transaction fails and database state is left unchanged.
C- Consistency- This states that at a given moment of time the database is always in consistent. This guarantees that a transaction never leaves your database in a half-finished state.
I- Isolation- Isolation ensures that the transactions are separated(Isolated) from each other until they are finished. This means the transactions does not interfere with one another.
D- Durability- This ensures that once a transaction is commited it is available forever at any given moment of time. This guarantee that once the user has been notified of a transaction's success the transaction will not be lost, the transaction's data changes will survive system failure, and that all integrity constraints have been satisfied.

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Javin Paul said...

Indeed database transaction is an important concept to understand. I have also shared my view as How to manage database transaction please let me know how do you find it.